A modern soap calculator to help you formulate traditional handmade soap recipes. Craft your own mix of oils and lye for that perfect bar of soap.-Save and edit your favorite recipes-Add images and no

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A modern soap calculator to help you formulate traditional handmade soap recipes. Craft your own mix of oils and lye for that perfect bar of soap.
-Save and edit your favorite recipes
-Add images and notes to recipes
-Set cure time reminders
-Print recipes using AirPrint
-Backup your recipes to the cloud and sync with

Light or dark mode based on phone’s appearance setting. Bug fixes.


Overall Rating: Recommend App, #125 in Lifestyle

ZNZ Soaper13/6/2021
Best Calculator

I used to use Soap Calc before they disengaged the free mode and forced you to buy the Soapcalc Pro. But I had already wrote all my recipes down. Now that i’ve moved to a different country, i needed to change some things around, and needed a calc to calculate my lye to water conc., bc you don’t want to play around guessing the lye/water info. So i read the reviews, bought the app, and it’s a beautiful thing. VERY easy to use, and it’s straight to the point with everything the old app i used to use had. This app is BEAST!!!! Worth every 1.99!!! A soapers dream Soap Calc!! Thank you so much app developer!!! You are the best!!!

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It’s OK, but very annoying to edit recipes

Been using a little under a year now. It works, does the job, my recipes are turning out just fine. I like being able to see the properties of my recipes, it gives a range which is cool. I have this downloaded on my phone. It’s quite annoying trying to put notes in my recipes!!! I have quite long notes and descriptions and this happens every time I need to make an adjustment or edit the name/notes of the recipe. I find where I want to make an edit somewhere in the middle of my notes… I click that area, then the screen will automatically scroll all the way to the bottom and then I lose the cursor in my screens view, I have to scroll back up to find the area I was wanting to make the edit. And sometimes I am amble to make that edit… but sometimes I press another area on the text and it scrolls all the way back to the bottom and I have to repeat the whole darn process again until I’m able to see my cursor while I’m typing. I hope this makes sense in some way. This minor annoyance is actually why I’m trying out other apps now. This annoyance is very time consuming when trying to make/edit recipes. I dealt with it for a while, and now I’m just over it.

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TD First Rule11/12/2019
So far I like it.

I feel like my feed back is somewhat limited in value since I just began CP soap making. With that out of the way, I have enjoyed this app as it helps me better understand how the characteristics of each oil effects my recipient. It has caused me to learn more about the acids and the qualities of soap in general. I do have some enhancements I would like to request. 1) It would be handy to view the qualities of each oil in isolation. For example, what values does Shea Butter, as a stand alone oil, have for each of the qualities and acids? 2) it would also be nice to compare 2 or more recipes side by side in a table format. Starting with ingredients, followed by qualities, followed by acids. All in the same tab so you don’t have to jump from tab to tab. This would also be handy to compare the quality and acids of specific oils (see 1) I do also wonder where the values for the soap qualities come from? Qualities like conditioning and creaminess, what is the approach that is used to assign a number to that value for each oil? All in all, I think this is a very handy tool, and I have yet to explore the record keeping functions.

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I don’t like to do reviews due to it being time consuming but this app is too good not to. I stumbled across this app and at such a good time. I own a business and create soaps as one of my product lines. I needed to create reliable formulas and was searching for an app for a year now to help me out. Thank you, thank you for this app. Works perfectly and my soaps are better than ever!!! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to create a good recipe with great results. I even love the feature where after I create my recipe, I can print it directly from the app to my printer. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

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Great app! More than just a recipe calculator!

I’m really enjoying this app. It has a great soap recipe calculator, but also has the ability to log batches that you’ve made with notes and pictures as well as a cure notification alert system. The developer is great as well. I had an issue with something not working correctly and he was quick to push out an update to fix my issue.

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Pay Pal Credit Card6/8/2020
Easy to Use

This app is very easy to use. You can use it on multiple devices. It syncs with your other devices so no matter which device you’re on your always have your soap recipes with you .

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Great for batch information

I like the mechanics of this app, as it provides the information I need to create recipes, a section to record batch info. And regarding the notes section… 99% of the time, the keyboard pops up and won’t minimize to the bottom of the screen, and prevents me from editing my notes, because I can’t see them. Is that a glitch of the app or the OS? Otherwise, this is a great basic app for hobbyists!

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Love this app

I really love this app. It is very user friendly and I love the fact I can print out my recipes. I would’ve given it 5 stars if only it had the ability to resize the recipes without having to go through and edit them. I would like to see the developer add a batch size feature then this app would be perfect

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I’m not sure how to use it

Fairly easy to use except I don’t know how to input that I am using 100% sodium hydroxide. When I input 100% lye concentration, it says to use no water. That can’t be right can it? Update- it was always assuming 100% lye purity. My mistake

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So far so good

I’m new to the app. I’ve only created 3 recipes. Overall I like the app and the ability to add notes and pictures. Where I struggle a little is on the edit. You have to save and edit again vs being able to go back. It could be just me getting used to the app as well

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Great App

Other than my previous issue, the app is actually wonderful and its very helpful. Thank you for your quick response.

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claragrace organics23/6/2019
So far so good.

I found this app a couple days ago. So far, I love it! I appreciate the calculation review at the end that tells me what qualities my soap recipe will have at cure. What a fantastic tool for my soaping business.

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Just getting use to the app

I decided to use this app because I like making cream soap so this app allows me to measure the KOH and NaOH at the same time within the recipe… that is the super cool part … easy to read..I’m enjoying so far

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Great app

When I first started using this app I had a bunch of test recipes that disappeared one day! They reappeared about a week later. However, I love the versatility and the ease of using this app! Make soaping easier!!!

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App is great

I like how it tells you how much of an additive to include in a recipe. I’ll input my favorite recipes. I appreciate being able to upscale recipes.

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May. TR20/2/2020
Just what I needed!

I am new to soap making and this app just makes it so easy! Thanks to these recipe measurements my soaps come out great.

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Needs more options

It’s an ok app. Would be better if I could add ingredients to the list – such as cranberry butter and if I could put in the amount of lye vs a %. That would make it easier when I’m making soap.

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Much more simple than other web based calculators. Easy to use and understand. I would like to see a list of additional ingredients added such as clays and coffee grounds.

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Thank You!

This calculator is a definite time saver and super helpful, especially for a beginner!

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Contacted developer without results

If I could give this app a big fat ZERO I’d be thrilled. The developer doesn’t follow through. I was pretty excited about this app. I downloaded it. I tapped to open. The app outline fills screen & flicks off. Please help me. I have an iPhone 10XR >:( Even after I have contacted the developer, he swears this has been fixed. I have downloaded this 11 times to no avail. PLEASE fix this issue: Once downloaded, I tap the app. The logo pops up and close simultaneously. WORTHLESS!!!!

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