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Midea Air is one integrated app which published with Midea air category products; it is compatible with new version smart wifi module and connected with open cloud service.1. Simply Control Midea Smar

Developer GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd.
Category Utilities
Filesize 215.9 MB
Lastest version 5.2.0428
Update 30/4/2022
Price Free
Age 4+
596 reviews
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Midea Air is one integrated app which published with Midea air category products; it is compatible with new version smart wifi module and connected with open cloud service.
1. Simply Control Midea Smart Air products: Comfort, Efficiency, and Safety.
2. New User Experience: Special functions and UI interactive design
3. Remote Control: Obtain and Modify Your Home Air Quality Anywhere.
4. Sleep Curve: Customize Your Comfortable Sleep
5. Time Scheduling: Auto Switch by Appointment Time
Please check the User Manual for more functions and detailed information

fix bug.


Overall Rating: Recommend App, #128 in Utilities

Fantastic AC awful app

Look the AC is the top notch no complains at all! HOWEVER, the app is awful and don’t get me wrong the functions displayed are really good but since I purchased de unit 1 week ago I have had to “reset” the unit because the app can’t seem to talk to the unit! It’s always Offline. I have contacted CS twice and they gave me a very automated (scripted) response. The absolute main reason I went for this particular unit was the connectivity AND that’s the one thing I have issues with. I don’t want to have to reset the unit daily and pair the unit and app every day. CS told me that this issue is due to too many other devices sharing the wifi but now days between laptops, cellphones, alarms or security systems including cameras, most people have tons of devices connected to their WiFi’s if this issue isn’t resolved within Amazon’s returns window i will be returning the unit. FIX THE APP or send new and improved wifi cards idk but plis FIX this. I checked the apps updates and is every 3 months so I will no be waiting three months for it. Again I don’t know if it’s the app or the wifi installed in the unit but this is ridiculous.

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A work in process – glorious when it works :-/

This app is seriously buggy. I have two of the new 12,000 U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner units. Perhaps there’s a security issue with the app or server end of Midea’s infrastructure but one of my AC units keeps getting “hijacked” out of my app and disappears, yet gets remotely controlled by someone else in the world at random times. I’m conjecturing that some of these window units we’re programmed with duplicate device identifiers when manufactured. Again, just a guess. Or worse, perhaps the app crosses into other another user’s cloud configuration. Controlling the AC unit via Google Home and Alexa (yes I have tested both) is glorious! – when it works. It’s hit or miss. I am about to give up on this app and the cloud connectedness for reliability but most importantly, security. Something fishy is going on here.

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Very convenient app and appliance.

I got their U A/C and I have to say I love it. My husband and I are thinking of getting 2 more for the house. I love the fact that you can almost completely close your window with this. As for some of the other complaints I’ve read about. I can’t say I agree with them or maybe they got them earlier than I. I’ve had this since the start of summer 2021 and the app and the A/C both have worked amazing for me. That begin said I didn’t connect it to apple home or Alex because the app is just so easy to use on your phone. Also make sure you have string internet connection. Som internet providers do cap you on how many devices you can have connected before your internet slows down. If your problem is your wifi connection make sure you check with your provider to see if you reached you device limit. Remember the cheaper the internet the less devices you can have on there.

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Horrible app and customer service

I have had to reinstall my unit each day and still spend time as it sends me error message after error message to just have the unit pop off line halfway through the day not giving me the ability to control my homes temperature with kids and animals in 100 degrees. And I own UNITS! Two!!! But have been told the app can only control one unit at a time. Customer service actually advised me in a serious tone to buy a SECOND phone to download a second app to be able to control both units. They also sent the wrong remote control for one unit. This app is not user friendly, does not maintain connection to the device, cannot control more than one device, and they blame your internet connection when my unit is next to my modem with 800mbps pumping into my house. This app and their customer service is complete trash. Only buy the unit if you want the shape of this air conditioner and you don’t mind controlling it by walking over to it each time there is a change like I’m back in the 1980s with a box television.

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Garbage app, I deleted it

Absolute trash. Pity you can’t give it zero stars. 1 star is way more than it deserves. So apparently Midea are living in the early 2000s. It only connects to Wi-Fi that’s slow and old, so if you’re with spectrum you should be fine. If your with anyone else forget connecting to the unit and just use the buttons on the unit or buy something based more in the present? 4 times I tried to connect to the unit wasting valuable minutes of my life watching it go from 0% to 99% before it tells you it can’t connect. No pride in companies anymore, it’s about making your money until people figure out you don’t care and ditch you. Otherwise they’d read all the bad reviews, see the poor star rating and hire someone with half a brain to fix it. But that would cost money and cut into profits. So No. Update. Don’t bother trying to contact their support on their website. It returns as undeliverable due to non existent email. This is their website address for customer support?? So translated means don’t contact us because we dont care

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Good dehumidifier but not so good interface with app

I bought the dehumidifier at Sam’s Club for a price less than $200. It seems to be working great and I like the pump feature that empties the collector bin and the Wi-Fi app to control it. My only complaint is that the screen on the app is a lime green and the wording is very small in the lower left hand corner of the screen and is white. This contrast makes it very hard, if not impossible, to read for me. By simply changing the colors of the screen and type you would get 5 stars. Lime green with small white type??? What was your graphic designer/ app designer thinking? Come on… phone screens are MUCH smaller than the computer screen this app was designed on. On my iPhone the type is VERY small, probably 1 to 3 point. White lettering on a bright green background that small??? A simple tweak would fix this….

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If you migrate to new app u’ll beg return to this one

Everyone complaining here about this app and for just turn on and off all of my A/C really does the job. Recently migrate to the new one MSmartHome and really nothing can be worst. Now you wont be able to see in the main screen which A/C is on or off and requires to enter to each one to verify and to do on/off. Just a nightmare in the basics. I should waited till to December 31,2023. Please MIDEA let’s us get back to this app and keep making improvements. I don’t need an integrated junk app for everything smart, i preferred to have 10 different specialized apps that really work for each brand like this one. Midea executives should see the feedback of that MSmartHome. Is just taking back Midea to mediocre when has been top ever since.

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Adam J Simon26/6/2021
Bad app gets worse

The latest app update has dramatically reduced responsiveness and the ability to control the u-shaped window units. The app now takes ~10 seconds to load the state of the ACs, and often fails at controlling them once it does. They clearly don’t have developers in house who are capable of shipping working apps, or a QA team testing any of this, and from support requests, it’s obvious they don’t care about the connected functionality of their devices AT ALL. The screenshots in the App Store don’t actually match what the app looks like when you open it, which in my opinion should have meant it was rejected by Apple. Midea needs to give up on their own software, publish an open API for third party developers, and start supporting HomeKit / Google Home / Alexa. It’s truly the app that is holding back otherwise great hardware, and Midea’s stubborn insistence that they don’t need to integrate with real smart home ecosystems.

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Wifi connection keeps turning off

I purchased two portable ac units: model MAP12S1BWT. The units themselves work great and the remote controls work well. But I bought the units for the smart technology. Both AC’s show up on my app. But only one stays connected. The other disconnects daily and the only way to fix is to unplug the ac and plug back in, then reset my app. I want to be able to turn my ac’s on/off when I’m not home. How can I do this when it keeps going offline. I’ve looked through the manual and all over the internet to see if I can fix it but find nothing except several other reviews stating the same problem. If anyone has any idea how to fix this I’d love to know. And like I said- one ac stays on, the other doesn’t. The one that doesn’t is the first one I hooked up. Thought maybe I set it up wrong but I’ve tried deleting it off the app and starting over but still have the same problem.

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Quite a few things to improve

To be clear, this review is EXCLUSIVELY about the app. The AC units are fantastic. One of the reasons to get this smart AC unit is so you can control it through Google Home, or Apple Home Kit, or Alexa. While other appliances give you full or almost full control through those smart home systems, this app allows only for switching ON/OFF control. That’s it. Nothing else. Yes, you can use the Assistant to ask for other functions, but I like controlling my appliances through my smartphone without having to yell at them. Please fix that. Two stars off for this major shortcoming. Another request -and this is just a suggestion, so no points off for it- would be if you could let us lock all hardware buttons so the kids cannot mess with the settings. That would be grand!

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They made it worse… ‍♂️

Didn’t think it was possible but the developers made this app worse. The last version I had worked fairly well for about the first six months, then it would frequently drop the connection and tell me my AC unit was “offline”. The latest version not only adds in dropped connections, but makes initial set up endlessly tedious with failed connection messages. Once it does connect, the lag time between executing a command on my phone and when it actually occurs on the AC unit is nearly endless to the point that the app just times out and doesn’t execute. Either that, or it will execute the commands much later after you’ve tried multiple times to execute. Then it’s as if it’s buffeted the commands in a queue and then suddenly executes them all in a row. Absolute useless piece of junk app. So yes, you actually made it significantly worse.

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App needs a lot of work

I tried setting up the app and creating an account manually but you can’t because the Register button is being covered with text telling you about selecting a Region and therefore you can’t actually click on the button. I had to create the account by connecting it to my Apple ID and I didn’t want to do that. That is clearly a coding issue and it’s sad that mainstream companies in China that sell through major retailers like Walmart can’t understand the importance of getting it right the first time. They probably don’t care but this is their opportunity to take feedback from an actual customer and use it to fix their app so customers will be happy with their product completely.

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How can I Report Bugs and Provide Feedback?

App is ok, certainly not the smoothest user experience to connect to the unit, but it gets the job done. I do love the fact that there is Google Home integration but I noticed the following issue/bug. I hope the developers can see this and fix, I would assume it is easy to fix because it appears the wrong values are being sent. Bug 1: If I have the Mode set to Cool. When I ask Google Home, “What is the indoor temperature?” It replies “The Air Conditioner is set to ECO”. But it should reply with the current indoor temperature or at least the value it is set to operate at. If I have the Mode set to Auto. When I ask Google Home, “What is the indoor temperature?” It replies “The Air Conditioner is set to Auto Mode and 162 degrees”. At least it tells me when what degrees it is set to but is incorrectly taking the 72 F that I have the AC set at, and then it must be accidentally thinking that is Celsius, and. Then it converts it to what it thinks would be Fahrenheit value of 162 degrees. Would be cool if the devs could work through this so that Google Home would be able to properly what the indoor temperature is.

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Wonderful AC/Heater Horrible app!

To make it absolutely clear from the beginning this review is 100% about the app, the unit itself is absolutely amazing! This app makes you sign in EVERYTIME you want to adjust the temperature. If your a weird person like me who changes the temperature frequently throughout the day your gonna be annoyed by day two. Half the time once you spend time logging back in it doesn’t even register your input for like 60 seconds. So you think it’s not working and try to adjust it more and then it was over adjusts and it’s so cold your cutting diamonds (if you know what I mean). To add insult to injury they’ve made it so you have to check a box to confirm you agree to their terms of service every single time you open the app. If your buying Mideas products purely off the easy connection options don’t.

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Christopher and Hannah19/3/2022
App won’t connect anymore

When I set up my new window AC unit, the app worked and I was able to set up times for the unit to change temps in the schedule feature. Though some parts of the display I could not read because they had white words on top of a very light grey or white background, so that was kind of annoying. Well, the app worked for 2 days. Then, I tried to log back in to change some settings and all of a sudden it won’t connect to the unit. I tried taking the unit off and reconnecting and it won’t even pair with my phone. It keeps saying my network passcode is incorrect (which it isn’t). I then tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and it still won’t connect. There are more than some bug fixes that need to happen with this app.

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Amazing U shape Ac

This is a solid review, I have had it in my window now for about three months and I can tell you this thing is amazing, extremely efficient and extremely quiet, only pulls about 3 A when it’s running, my electric bill has dropped 25% now that I turn my central air to 75 deg & my bedroom to 70 deg when I sleep at night, I don’t have any problems with the app like other people have said so if you’re reading this yes buy it! Well worth the money tenfold, I’m at HVAC person for 28 years and this is my professional opinion. Incredible invention of a ductless mini split to cut in your window

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AC disappears from app

My AC disappeared from the app and that’s not even the worst issue. Now that my wifi connection is activated – the AC unit itself is still connected to my WiFi – it is being controlled or interfered with by a mystery person or persons. It will randomly turn off or on and temp will change. And that’s going to cost me money!! I woke up to find it running at 67 when I left it at 72. Can’t imagine what it will cost when I travel. I need some way to disable the WiFi connection but can’t find it. Super disappointing that I won’t be able to use the app for WiFi intended purpose … I’m not going to add it back every time it disappears. Midea, how in the world do we get in touch with your Customer Service??? Nothing on the app or brochures tell us how to find you!!!

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Awesome dehumidifier, great app

The dehumidifier comes with a very small profile, easy to store and turn on. The huge bucket is perfect for a southeast wet region usage. We used to change service our old fridgedaire machine twice daily, now only once a day. The remote app is perfect to check the machine in the basement or upstairs. It tells you the humidity level, machine status. You can remote control your humidifier if needed. The only improvement I can think of: add wheels to the bucket for easy move around for physically challenged. For us it’s no issue but nice to have.

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Finally an AC with Power and simplicity!

I could be ahead of myself but so far so great! It’s day one and unpacking/assembly of the AC was simple. We have 8hrs where the dogs are home and I’ll have to make a trip back just to put the AC on for them but this works with my cell making that trip obsolete. Have a split/raised ranch style home and this unit cools my entire family room, kitchen, and bedrooms if doors are left open. I’m most excited about the power saving claims so I’ll update if they don’t live up to it. The unit is extremely quiet for the power it has, very impressive.

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I purchased the 50 pint dehumidifier over two weeks ago.. It has made the air so much better on my lower level.. Gave it 5 stars but little more explanation would be great for when the pump kicks on.. Was worried it will not work since it was not pumping the water.. Gave it a day to see.. And bang the pump kicked so i guess it hit a certain level for it to work.. But other then that it’s great not too loud.. REMEMBER just let it fill up for continuous pump to start working, it pumps it out quick…DEF WILL TELL MY FAMILY TO PURCHASE ONE OF THESE if they need a dehumidifier..

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How to delete Midea Air

Find out how to delete Midea Air on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

  1. Touch and hold the app.
  2. Tap Remove App.
  3. Tap Delete App, then tap Delete to confirm.

If you touch and hold an app from the Home Screen and the apps start to jiggle:

  1. Tap the Remove icon in the top left-hand corner of the app.
  2. Tap Delete App, then tap Delete to confirm.
  3. Tap Done.

How to delete Midea Air on Android Device

Head to the Google Play Store app on your phone and tap the profile icon. Go to “Manage Apps & Devices”, then select manage. Tap on the app you want to remove and hit uninstall

How to cancel Midea Air subscription

Midea Air is a free app and does not offer in-app purchase in the Apple Appstore, you might have purchased a subscription from another company or device. Try these methods to cancel your subscriptions

Cancel a subscription on paypal

  1. Log in to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com.
  2. Click on the settings tab which is beside the logout option.
  3. Press “Payments” from the menu provided to you and click on “Manage Automatic Payments” in the Automatic Payments dashboard.
  4. You may see a series of merchant’s agreements you’ve transacted before. Click on Midea Air to cancel.
  5. You will be shown a confirmation page. Click on the “Cancel Automatic Payments” tab to affirm that you want to stop making payments to GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd..
  6. Then click “Done” on the verification page to complete the unsubscription.

Cancel a subscription on your bank account

On your bank statement, find the charge for the subscription. If your bank statement doesn’t say Apple, apple.com/bill, or something similar, Apple doesn’t provide this subscription to you. To cancel the subscription, contact GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. that offers the subscription to you. Statements often list the name of the company, such as Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, HBO, etc.

How to Cancel a Subscription on your Android device

  1. Open the Google Play Store. If you have multiple Google accounts, be sure you’re signed into the right one.
  2. Click menu, then go to “Subscriptions”.
  3. Choose the Midea Air subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

Contact Support

Listed below are our official links on how to contact Midea Air. Get in touch with GD Midea Air-Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. customer service via email, phone number or live chat.

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