Zoomable: Desktop Browser

Zoomable is a browser that provides a full desktop web experience. It simulates a large and resizable screen and shows

Connect Browser

A fast and secure webBLE enabled browser allows you connect with bluetooth devices using the latest standards available. Developer Filiz

Interact – A Field Guide

An interactive guide for SwiftUI to help designers and developers build better apps. – Code snippets and interactive examples for


DetailsPro is a design tool made for Apple designers and SwiftUI.— Create with SwiftUI views like VStack, Text, Image, and more—


Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad.- Support ss/vmess/trojan protocol.- Support all devices.It’s a simple and easy-to-use vpn tool. Developer

Carnets – Jupyter

Jupyter notebooks are a powerful tool used in education and research. You can write small snippets of Python code and

Koder Code Editor

“Koder for iPad: Nerds Rejoice! You Can Code on Your iPad”– GIZMODO / App of the day –“Koder’s simple yet

Pineapple – Build Apps

Pineapple lets you create mobile applications on your iPhone or iPad without code! Just drag and drop elements, add actions,

QuickText – Plain Text Editor

QuickText offers a lightweight and intuitive workspace for editing plain text.## Edit any text fileQuickText is designed for editing plain


Loon is a powerful network debugging tool.-Support ss,ssr,vmess,trojan,vless,http/s protocol-Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP/UDP traffic on your device, and redirect to your proxy